#behindthecanvas feat. Begoña Fernández-Castaño

As an artist you need to have two main abilities:
You need to perceive your surroundings in a sensitive way and then you have to express your impressions in a unique, but understandable manner.

To our luck, we have artists who don’t limit their expressions of art to one discipline. Begoña got the idea to reflect about her activity as an painter by taking some notes. What turned out is the following essay. So let yourself get enchanted by her poetic words!

My hand scratches my head. My head whispers something to my hand. My hand pleases my head-lines, colours, enamels; acrylics try to please my head – Fluid and immediate, enamel and dripping, studied lines. I have two styles – at least – one that’s slick and pretty and one that’s more bought and distorted. I like them both and sometimes they merge. That fusion (elegant and classy lines with smudged make-up, for example) interests me the most. My technique is to have no technique, I believe in experimenting, trying… If not now, when? Abstraction and representation – messy, spontaneous, unpredictable and jolly… Other times everything is only black and white, a perfect balance. I should have been actress, a musician, a singer, an investment banker, jockey, grocer, soldier. Trouble is, I love to do paintings based on what I see and feel, hear and sometimes imagine. Nearly nothing else gives me as much joy as laughing at or with a painting -or muttering an expletive at the point when the fear, or dissatisfaction of existence becomes a pleasure because of the process of making a painting.

Fine Art is marvelous in the sense that no one tells you what to do – it’s your stuff, your soul, your brilliant ideas. Much more free and enjoyable, but scary as hell. There’s no one to blame for the potentially rubbish work that can be produced. Art is different to everything.

Myself, I am full of doubt. I doubt I can see my own work and barely produce a low moan response to it. I like pieces myself but have no idea how they are seen. You obviously see painting as being potentially worthwhile and enjoy doing it. The simplicity, clarity and logic of industrial architecture and design and the madness on fashion design being the art of seduction is a continuing influence in me. Through our art the primitive power of representation, art and identity – the story of our lives – is told.

Begoña Fernández-Castaño Hernando



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