Name: Beatriz Dubois
Born: 1991
Nationality: Spain
Type of art: Photography

A graduate in Advertising and Public Relations, her initial work experience was mainly in advertising and communication. Later on she felt an urge to specialize and focus on her passion: photography, complementing her studies with courses in art history, contemporary art, sculpturing, drawing, fashion and museology.

That contact with the arts is what has been pushing her to evolve her style into traditional portraits photography, with the creation and reinterpretations of works by other artists. And in many cases, the elements that inspire her to take photos usually appear in the photos themselves, making the creative process part of the final work.

Beatriz is very thorough, when it comes to making the documentation for her photos, and she has been involved herself in a personal project, where she composes pairs of artworks from different fields, styles or eras, in order to show that, intentionally or not, artists seek to find the same gestures, feelings, habits, lights or colors.


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