Is an art gallery providing you with an opportunity to discover and buy art works from a selected pool of unique, creative, talented, emerging artists.

Up&Coming was founded by two true art lovers, with a clear goal: to find, support and invest in new talent arising in the art world.

With Up&Coming you are sure not to miss the latest, most creative and talented artists from around the world.

Up&Coming aims to make it easier for art lovers to discover emerging artists from all over the world and to bring them closer together. Up&Coming offers not only the opportunity to buy the artist’s work, but it also allows art lovers to order customized art (“Art on demand”), creating unique pieces tailored to the tastes and needs of each customer.

The two founders; Alejandra and Angie, are lifelong friends with two very different professional backgrounds, but one common passion: ART.


Angie has an entrepreneurial spirit that has allowed her to develop a brilliant career in the world of interior design. She studied Interior Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and in Saint Martins School of Art in London, where she developed her professional career. Her full name is Angie Fernández Coppel Socías and since 2013 she has been working with her partner, Christian Dorin, in their own architecture and interior design studio named: Dorin & Coppel, based in London, Los Angeles and Madrid.

Her passion for art and paintings comes from her childhood, and has evolved ever since. And she has always given great importance to it in her interior design projects:

Art is key to my work. If a painting, a photograph or a sculpture is not suitable for an empty space, the entire interior work is worthless. The art and decor should always go hand by hand“.

Some years ago Angie began her own collection of art, and has taken great pleasure and comfort in seeing many of the artists that she has supported from the beginning of their career, how they are beginning to be recognized.


Born into a family of art dealers (she is third generation), Alejandra has the art in her veins. Fifty years ago her grandparents opened one of the most prestigious art galleries in Madrid, Spain: The Kreisler Gallery, with branches in different cities around the world such as New York, Miami and Barcelona.

After completing her studies at The European Business School in Madrid, Paris and London, Alejandra spent years traveling around the world (hundred and twelve countries and counting), which has given her a wide vision and understanding of different world trends and cultures. Three years ago she returned to Madrid, where she has worked as a curator at the Gallery Kreisler, organizing temporary exhibitions amongst other things. Her creative spirit, and her open-minded and outgoing personality, has been key to the success of these exhibitions, always characterized by its urban and contemporary tone.

With Up&Coming, Alejandra hopes to create a new approach to the art world, betting on introducing to the general public more unknown artists, but with special talents and great potential:

I like artists with great personalities, having their own unique language translated through their art. I like to see their artworks and recognize the style of each. I think that’s what makes an artist unique. Our artists are unique“.



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